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Hello, do you have any idea, why can't I make articles to show links to other Metapedias? Adalsyssler 4. oktoober 2009, kell 08:36 (CEST)

Hello, Not sure, if I understand what you mean. If you say for example:


  • [http://hu.metapedia.org/wiki/Toluol Toluol]

you get a link to an article of Hungarian metapedia. Is that what you want? Hu1 8. oktoober 2009, kell 09:52 (CEST)

For example, I can't get a link by writing en:Main Page. By the way, images cannot be uploaded too. Adalsyssler 8. oktoober 2009, kell 17:11 (CEST)

I see. I think, this is a general metapedia setup problem, and should be reported to the Swedish hosts. I will report it to the nordisk forum. I have never had that problem on the Hungarian metapedia.Hu1 9. oktoober 2009, kell 10:53 (CEST)

This is what I added:

In Estonian Metapedia if on the main page we add: en:MainPage, we do not get a link to the English metapedia section, as expected.

We also can not upload images.

I assume, this is a general setup problem; could anybody help us, please?

Here: Nordisk forum Hu1 9. oktoober 2009, kell 11:03 (CEST)

I have added this same text to: http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Metapedia_talk:Community_Portal

which is also read by metapedia administrators. Hopefully someone will read them soon.

Access to nordisk forum

If you do not have yet access to that forum, (this is the official metapedia forum) you can request for user id using email:

"Nordisk.nu" <Nordisk.nu_AT_serv4_DOT_nordiskaforbundet_DOT_org> (modified because of spam robots)

Redakteur Aurvandil suggested to inform it_AT_nordiskaforbundet_DOT_se about the status of the Estonian Metapedia, they might be able to fix problems; I did that on 17 October. Hu1 18. oktoober 2009, kell 10:15 (CEST)


Upload requests are quit by: The upload directory (public) is not writable by the webserver.

This indicates a simple user right setup problem.

RSS of current changes

This feature also does not work yet from here, for all other metapedias it does work. Hu1 22. oktoober 2009, kell 13:06 (CEST)

"Viimased muudatused" shows recent changes, if this is what you mean. Adalsyssler 22. oktoober 2009, kell 17:25 (CEST)

Yes, thanks, I know that. However rss feed is very practical, if you do not want to login, you just want an overview of the present activities. I for example use RSS Owl, which is completely free, to read RSS of almost all metapedias and other interesting web pages, that offer RSS (there are a lot of such pages). Hu1 1. november 2009, kell 16:46 (CET)

Now RSS feed works on Rssowl. Maybe originally the link was incorrect. Hu1 6. veebruar 2010, kell 04:48 (CST)

Setup security

It is very different from the other metapedias, that Estonian Metapedia allows even logged out users to edit and then puts the ip address into the history list. That is for many reasons not a good solution for a metapedia. Hu1 1. november 2009, kell 16:43 (CET)

I've told it to administrators of Metapedia, they promised to do something with this. Adalsyssler 12. november 2009, kell 21:28 (CET)


<noinclude> ... </noinclude> Does not work. I tried to ise ot on page Eesti Hu1 5. november 2009, kell 16:52 (CET)

also does not work here. Hu1 16. jaanuar 2010, kell 16:13 (CST)

Can not find new user log in logs (Just I am too stupid?) Hu1 16. jaanuar 2010, kell 16:36 (CST)

You can see all users here: Eri:Listusers. Adalsyssler 17. jaanuar 2010, kell 01:40 (CST)
Yes, I use for that Special pages->Kasutajad.
I mean here Special pages->Logs->User creation log.
This is very practical, if I want to know, if new users added themselves, while I did some longer action, or since my last login.
Estonian metapedia at present only knows Üleslaadimise, Teisaldamise, Kustutatud leheküljed, Kaitsmise, Blokeerimise, none of them fits to "User creation". (I use: http://translate.google.com ) Hu1 17. jaanuar 2010, kell 04:49 (CST)

I couldn’t find a suitable picture of Fidél Pálffy. Could you pleas help? - XM 1. mai 2010, kell 10:00 (UTC)

Done. Added some remarks, probably bad gramatically. Hu1 23. mai 2010, kell 20:18 (UTC)