Is bad skin giving you issues?

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Is bad skin giving you concern? Want a new remake for your body that will turn you from a ugly duckling to a beautiful swan? These are the beliefs of many people in Singapore, where appearance can play a huge part in making a good first impact on others and securing a future.

No problem, Dr Valentine Low Aesthetic and Laser clinic is here to help. Using a selection of high-tech, modern technology, we are a dermatologist located in Singapore who can give you with all your needs for reworking your face, body, skin and hair. Our philosophy is: less pain, more gain as we take the troubles to make sure to make your stay with us as painless as possible.

What are some of the tasks we do? For those who concern that their faces gives away too much of their age, we have solutions for you. Using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Thermage and Botox, we can roll back the ravages of time, taking away wrinkles, folds and other repulsive sights of old age visually reducing your supposed age by tens of years! We also offer acne scar removal, helping you remove those nasty remains of pimples and pores from your face to give you face a fresh, clean look!

Or perhaps you've put on too much unsightly fats which stubbornly refuse to go away no matter what you do. No worries, our liposuction services breaks them down and gets them out of your circulation, significantly improving your health and appearance.

Ready to morph a brand new you? Our Aesthetic and Laser Clinic situated in Singapore is here to serve your needs. Why wait? Whether you want liposuction, botox or other services in Singapore, we're the best man for the job! Contact us now for more information and watch yourself morph overnight into the new individual that you wish to be!

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